Endless Melody

You watch me dance
Amused, you smile
I lay me down and gently bleed a while

"Breathe...," you let out a soft whisper.

"Don't worry. These wounds are self-inflicted," I reassure.
"And if I die tonight, I'm sure," I murmur.
"That I'd be happy with these 'scars' you've made
External, internal, eternal—they'll never fade
For I hold them dear
'Cause that's all I have left—besides my tears."

Drowning in my memories and "used-to-be's"
Are the only things I know how to do so well,
As you can tell
And with the touch of your hand
You lead me to a place, ever so far away

I escape to where solace lies
And with that flicker in your eye,
I fall and sway
Allowing myself to be naked
Among my thoughts, those most sacred

No longer afraid nor shy
Then, I see your lips curve towards the ground
As you distance yourself without a sound

In wonder, I ask with surprise,
" Why do you have that sad look in your eyes?"

You take my hand and fall apart
Provoking mystery along with art,
"Because I can't save you."

Caught off guard but with a smile,
"Maybe I don't need to be saved.
I surrender to the effect you have on me."

Singing along to this lovesick melody
"You can't change the way you are,
I can't help the way I feel…"

And so this song plays—
Lyrics separating what's imaginary from what's real
I close my eyes; my heart beats—slowly aching
A hopeless memory in the making.


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