The endless job

Blinngg!! blinnnggg!!!

My alarm pulls me out of my dream and exposes me to a cold shower.

I prepare breakfast then, check my schedule for the day while packing two lunches.

Meanwhile, my boss is snoring in bed.

I wish I could just quit sometimes but instead 

I go to him and drive him to work while he's blaming me for his tardiness.

At noon, I bring him his lunch, trying to be invisible to his partners so I don't embarrass him.

After a long day rushing up and down to cook his food and organizes his future,

all I want to do is quit this job and dream endlessly but I don't

I stay with him half of the night to assist him with his work.

The weekends come and go but they are no longer mine

since he always have meetings that I have to attend with him.

Holidays would be gruesome if I don't reduce my savings to buy him exactly what he's expecting.

His birthday is not to be forgotten.

24/7, 365 days per year, I am always the first on the list to comfort him when he's sick or hurt,

assist him when he's out of ideas, and lend him money when he needs it

I wish I could just quit sometimes but instead

I wake up every morning to the same routine.

I work my butt off but never earn any money

Not everyone can do my job

All is born with the requirements to get the job, most apply for it, a lot get it, but only certain of us is good at it.

The day I got this job I knew I was going to do anything to please my boss

I knew I will have to work for him with no breaks, no excuses, and for absolutely no money for the rest of my life.

No matter how bad it gets

I know I can't ever quit this endless job

I know I can't ever quit being a MOM.



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