The endless Fight


The last time I was here, with my back up against the wall

Nowhere to turn and no one to confide in

Does anyone understand and feel the pain that I do?

Why am I here? Has God forgotten about me?

He had to, there's noway he'd leave me on the battlefield like this

Getting defeated constantly

I know he gives his strongest soilders the hardest battles

BUT I know for a fact that I am not that strong

I don't understand how he is always picking me when I never entered my name in the draft

Because here I am again, stuck in a battle

Not only with myself but everyone that is supposed to be with me

Has anyone ever been here? Did you make it out okay? No broken limbs or wounds?

Will I gain something? Or is that just something people say so you won't give in?

Over and over I am in this fight

Wishing, praying and hoping that I'll make it out alright

There has to be a bright side

Something that I'll learn

I guess I can only hope that odds may be in my favor


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