Endless Ambition

Thu, 12/05/2013 - 21:31 -- b_duhon


The ambition is endless, it fuels my life.
Eventually, it may come to cause me strife,
But if I live my life worrying, I will fail
And lifted will be the invisible veil
That shrouds my true feelings of this world.
Then, finally, my visage will be unfurled.
Causing the world to see the fear inside me
That is hidden by my confidence, of the highest degree.
My strongest shield is also my weakest,
And shattered will it be into pieces
If fail do I in this game called life. 
Failure will be that oh so deadly knife
That finds a gap in my armor and ends the dream.
But there is no need to worry, for I have the means
To turn my most substantial dreams into a reality,
And prevent this story from ending in tragedy. 


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