endeavor we must, for our ancestors did too.


United States
33° 29' 48.5268" N, 112° 9' 39.2616" W

Falling to the earth.
Blood spilling.
Screams chilling.
Utterly our ancestors a-screaming.

Ergo a seed falls to the earth.
Struggling for entity.
The right to dignity
The right to be all it can be.
Utterly a strong tree.

Just as our ancestors…endeavor.

Root by root the seed pushes through the earth
Day by day the seed resists the weather…
Monday midafternoon scorching suns.
Tuesday tearing winds
Wednesday wintrily frost bites

Thursday thirsty droughts
Friday feasting parasites.

Ceaselessly the trials. Endeavor it does.

We all have our turn. Endeavor we shall.
Endeavor we must.
For our godly rights.


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