The End (The Story in Your Eyes)


United States
41° 36' 54.5148" N, 80° 8' 34.2888" W

That's it. It's over.
I crumple, ruined, to the ground.
Attempt to hide from prying eyes.
Those eyes.
Ones I've followed, held on to,
Throughout the labyrinth of my life.
Eyes that have slowly destroyed me,
Driven me to the cliff of insanity,
too easily over the edge.
Eyes I used to love,
Light years ago, before the time
of my plunge into an abyss of abasement.
For as they caused rivers to flow from my own,
I cherished the moments when they caught mine on a glance.
I saw, I knew.
Beautiful, everlasting eternity,
turned upon me,
a generous privilege to behold.
But in a moment much too short,
They had disappeared,
Taking with them their perception
of commiseration's appearance.
held together only by trembling arms
clinging to heaving sides.
Left, forever alienated,
Even in a presence of thousands.
Yearning silently in the light,
dealing with agony in the night.
But I have read the story in your final glare,
as a cold diamond-hard stare pierces through me,
leaving behind the numbing pain of realization.
And I now know of an end I could never have foreseen.


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