The End. is near

The opposite of down is foward, going up there's nowhere to go. I've been walking down the same street over and over, its time to take a different road. To see God you have to listen, to hear him you have to see. If you understand this riddle, than you can understand me. His spirit dwells in our temple, his grace will set you free, his loive is overwhelming, his patience will help you believe. If I could be enlightened, have someone point the way, If I could taste his wisdom, I wouldn't be led astray. One by one I will fight them, the demons sent by the devil, I know I won't fight alone, I can feel my guardian Angels. The battle is beginning, it's time to choose your side, you can run from the light, but even in the darkness you can't hide. You can feel it all around you-the times seem to be changing. Violence, famine, plague, and death-the world is nothing short of crazy. Take your sword the word of God, Satan is forming his army, through faith and love we will defeat him, he's comes without warning. Where do you value your soul- for a few years of wealth, greed and hate. Do you have the courage to give it up? Will you be welcomed by Peter at the gates?


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