The End of My Love

When your hand pressed upon your parchment,
And when my eyes read those constant
Thoughts, my eyes couldn't look away.
My heart had a delay,
And my mind had nothing, not a thought.
My feelings for you may have been bought
With words that take my breath.
My love couldn't be taken by death
Nor could the second coming
Keep me from your heart that's striving.
Striving for the love you have for me.
Cruelty sinks in trying to destroy the early
Feelings I founded for you.
My love is split in two.

However, the feelings may have been extinquished,
Our future home is left unfurnished.
The sky so dark signals the end of love
The course has been run, my eyes are above.
Being impure, is unpleasant to the Lord
I was a sinner, but then was restored.
Restored a believer, not wanting to sin
Losing my virginity is not within.
Death may not include no embrace
But my sin will lead my soul to a horrid place.
Hell, and fire, and brimstone acquaint
A home for a sinner and not a saint.
I, a believer in Christ the King
Will not defile the bed before my wedding.
You say my beauty only last a time
My love for you just became a crime.
Lock my up for committing such a sin
To fall for love that wasn't true within.
False pretenses, my love was took
Why love a person, who loves for looks?

Now, when I think of who to love
I look for an answer in heaven above.
Heaven scorns me for embracing
A love so cunning
That it took me off guard.
All the clashing of feelings, and no regard.
lets get in the moment
And be a tyrant.
Give me your virginity
For nothing in return really.
Love me now and forever
But the truth is now clearer.
Most girls would accept your proposal
The love you give is just a raffle.
You put into the game
And you get the dame.
now in turn the dame gets nothing
Nothing but a pain she's bearing.
The bearing of a child is grand,
But the bearing of a heart broken is never planned.
You say you love and always will
I say you love and can't be still
Moving from dame to dame
The vows are all the same.
"Your beauty is magnificent
And the way you move is elegant."
What you say may be true
But what you mean is never new.
You want our bodies and nothing more
Our virginity is like a spiritual decor.
Filling the house of sin and lust
Destroying the bodies of the just.
I am just and smart as well,
And will not send my soul to Hell.


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