At the end of the day


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At the end of the day

What have you done for others

How much time did I spend reading lies

Did I argue with God


Was I annoyed by a stranger

That made me swear under your breath

Or repulsed by a beggar

Poorly clothed and unkempt


Did I precede my meals by giving thanks

Believing each morsel a gift

Or did I waste the abundance

Given so freely


Have I considered the ethics of my spending

Trying not to bolster those who hate

Was charity even a word

That happened to cross my mind today


Will I be able to live with myself

In light of the choices I've made today

If tomorrow was erased forever

Would I be confident on Judgement day


What did I not do today

Perhaps we’ll all get another chance

To make up for my mistakes

But before bed tonight I’m going to repent

Just to be safe.

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