The End

Ripping my skin to shreds

Tears moisten my pillows and beds.

My blood pools in the sink

as my heart beats red and pink


This bottle of pills sits in front of me

I am not the person I want to be.

This rope around my neck

My whole being is a wreck


The light in my soul has been blown out

My mind is clouded with fear and doubt

I just want the pain to leave me alone

but it won’t, it hurts down to the marrow in my bone


I fake my smile and tell everyone that I’m alright

but behind closed doors my soul is fighting this fight

This is not who I am, this girl who is broken

the way I feel is what I leave unspoken


How much longer must I keep on going

when the hole in my heart keeps growing?

I know I have to hold on just a little bit longer

because people tell me it will make me stronger


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