The End

What breaks your heart

What destroys you

Makes it start

Envelops you


You will die

You will rot

Your time will come

Maybe all for naught


What have you dedicated

What have you done

At the end of your days

Could you say you've won


You heart should be anguish

Your days grief

Not hopeless and losing

But a sweet pain of relief


Who are you broken for

Are you broken for you

Because if all you do is look inward

What is the point of you


You will come to an end

Your breath will stop

But if all you ever do is nothing

How will you come out on top


Go and be broken

Let your heart break

But when you talk to others

Don't forget to tell them what it takes


A life well lived

Is a life well broken

If all you say is nothing

Have you ever really spoken?


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