The End

She sits in the corner in silence

With headphones in, she tries to escape the violence

The night plays over in her mind

Memories play over and over every time.


Her family is a wreck

All the secrets that she's kept

So many times she's cried

All the times they had lied.


She locks herself in her room

Not wanting to face her doom

The marks across her wrists

Proves that pain still exists.


She's paralyzed with fear

As his footsteps come near

Panic rising in her chest

She believes ending it is for the best.


She grabs the pills from beside the bed

All she wants is to be dead

As a drop of red escapes from her wrist

She feels as though she wont be missed.


Her brother finds her face down on the bed

He notices the sheets are stained crimson red

He finds the pill bottle on the floor

A tear falls silently as he glances one last time before closing the door

This poem is about: 
Our world


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