The End

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 17:04 -- laronlc

You're waiting for the end because you think it's near, all because of crimes we shouldn't have to fear.

The killings of our future before they see their future, why would you end your mother's life if she'll always care?

The commititng of the crimes that we should never dare, are breaking out like wild fires, the ones without a care.

Lies, threats, and love abuse. 

These are things that people use.

Love and care are just to scare because they are things that we can't bare, but we like games and love affairs.

Along with pairs, there comes joy, but we lia and cheat because love is a toy.

We're losing sight of what is right because the end isn't near, it's already here.

By: LaRon Curtis


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