Encouragement From Nature

In the garden, in the shade,

I am a rose among weeds

Blossoming shyly and slowly

Quietly and alone

Aren’t you, young seedling,

More beautiful than I?


In the skies, in the dusk and dawn,

I am a songbird among crows

Singing my melody freely and happily

Though no one would understand the reason

Don’t you, little fledgling,

Have a more glorious song than I?


In the mine, in the dark,

I am the costly gem among rubble

Waiting patiently for man

To pick me up and give me worth

Aren’t you, unseen jewel,

More precious than I?


Though you may not know it,

Though you may have doubts,

You are far greater and precious

Than all of us put together

So bloom, spread your wings, and shine!



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