Encaged Liberty

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 10:48 -- Angell

“Endless opportunities! Riches to caress!”
That’s what they said was the U.S. of A.
Caught in intense suspense, I commence to dispense my deep desires and thoughts
That my children would have better tomorrows here
Because all I have is sorrows here
Distressed by stress, I attempt to suppress
Tears that can no longer follow, ya hear?
Are you hearing me? Well I don’t need you to hear, I need you to listen
This is the U.S. of A?!
Yet, I never get paid like all the rest
Twenty plus years, I should be neck / deep in treasure chests
Investors and whores intertwined with political offices
Harvesting disasters destroying a history, economy, and a hella lot more than just a life
Everyday is a daily strife

Finna feeling I drove a knife in my common sense

Screw the damn white picket fence
I honestly thought the grass was greener
Stupid demeanor leaving
mi quisqueya, la bella
I’m gonna need a tailor
For all the innumerable holes this “free country” shot in my dreams
Guessing it wasn’t enough shooting down innocent Iraqis

Guessing it wasn’t sufficient to discriminate me
For not understanding a language you taught poorly purposely

I ... needtobreathe
My children seek to live in this “land of the free”


I, the child, reside in an underprivileged community, Lawrence
A place of few places in this nation that still fights for justice and equality

Maybe someday my sisters and I will soar high like my mother’s shot dreams
Maybe like an eagle, maybe like a jet
Maybe in our futures lies a time where we won’t be drowning in debt

For confiscated land by a lying government / claiming they are the most powerful in this world
Assignment is past due, enough of the goddamn abuse
I’m breaking free of this swirl of detriment
Words interlocked by rhythmic patterns are melting the chains on my mentality

I wasn’t born in this, the immigrant city, but I will defend it for it is great despite the commentary
True liberty in life, in this land, might never be transpired  
What some didn’t realize, however, is that through poetry, MY liberty has already been acquired



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