An Empty Home

I remember what it felt to love

I remember how the words felt

Just a three words were enough

Now i am unable to take the blows delt

I can’t breath, see, or live and be

Too unable to face it, smoking to erase it

Crying on my own just to embrace it

I would rather be dead

Lest my heart harden

Get these memories out of my head

Taking what’s impart, recalling it in part

Of how once I too had heart

A heart to love and one to hate

Though now I must cleanse my plate

For the thoughts that were do forsake

Cause someone made a mistake so great

I grate at the vileness of fate

Saying God above or my soul below

When will you show the wisdom or fire

Some god inspire a desire down my spine

This dying of mine as time unwinds

As pleas of whimpers converts to roars

A single gatling boom that soars

An empty shell that was my room

Creeping close and ever so soon

For I dread of heading home

Because it will never change

I am always alone

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