The Empty Hallway


You wanna know who my best friend is?

That's right, its this empty hallway.


Because this empty hallway isn't infected with the black plague.

 You know, that nasty cancer that spreads throughout each and

everyone of us that tells us what to do and when to do it.

The reason we cheat and lie and murder the dreamers who fight for their reason to live.

The reason we crush souls, burn realitly, and laugh at every tear we see fall.

Everyone's infected.

Every single, shallow, small minded person who walks down this hallway to kill the emptiness

and poisens their soul even more, exposing themselves to the plague

that's already embbed in their bones, for they know nothing but.

It causes us to be the same.

The exact same terrible butchers who slay everything but the black plague

because its not the black plague.

The black plague wants everything to mold into

one cursed dark sea of only immortally sinful fish.

This empty hallway isn't infected.

It allows every single individual occupying its floor

to have their own color.

It doesn't affect anyone and let's whomever's soul shine infinitly.

This empty hallway will never change us.

Now do you understand why this empty hallway is my best friend?

It only asks for me.

And that's all.



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