Empowerment of the Mind


When she walks she feels the stares 
Wonders the thoughts of others as they glare
Jealous girls
Hormone raging boys
Who all think they know themselves and what this world has to offer..
What the world is really about.. 
Or even made of
But are they really aware..
Do they know the real meaning behind money
And how it's evolves the corruption of society
Do they know that their numerical value is nothing but a worldly possession that will diminish when their lives fade away
Or are they still blind to see the truth
But no one can make them aware
They won't listen or appreciate the honesty as it goes through their ears
But it doesn't stop there
They secretly live in fear ..
Pretending to be bodacious to impress their peers
Insulting the less fortunate and killing the spirits of the reclusive 
Flashing their possession 
But for what reason.. 
They're not even sure 
Too close minded believing the worlds lies and misconceptions
So they live everyday without opening their eyes 


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