Empower To Inspire

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 23:18 -- jdog189


Days wear on,

My jeans feel weaker,

I begin to feel like a pawn,

Bleaker, and bleaker.


Life does suck,

And it does get lonely,

I feel like I’m in muck,

I realize I’m one and only.


I must stand up,

And raise my voice,

For if I’m asked “sup?”

I must rejoice!


Life has given me a prize,

One that only I know,

It’s full of blue skies,

And I must go.


Empower to inspire,

I must live my life,

I am on fire,

Not in a constant strife.


If I lead by example,

Then others will see,

They’ll see me as a sample,

And then they’ll be.


I am here to influence,

All of my fellow individuals,

That they all have brilliance.

That they all are to be pivotal.


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