Empire State University

At Empire State University, some liberal students are bullying another student who's a fan of President Donald Trump;

The liberal students are assholes and chumps.


When Peter Parker sees what the liberal students are doing, he finds a place to hide so he can change into Spider-Man;

Spidey swings towards the liberal students as fast as he can.


When Spidey tells the liberal students to leave the Donald Trump fan alone, they try to attack the hero immediately;

Spidey beats the living shit out of the liberal students and spins a web on them, which is spectacular as can be.


After Spidey defeats the liberal students, he gets the campus police to arrest the punks, as you can see;

The Donald Trump fan thanks Spidey for saving her from being bullied and I'm speaking truthfully.


When the liberal fucks are arrested at Empire State University, Spider-Man swings away;

The spectacular Spider-Man has saved the day.


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