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Burning power of an unbridled storm.

Searing Passion of Hatreds' scorn.

Guilty pain punctured my soul.

My mind was bursting, nearly full.

History of anger and heritage of strife,

This was suffered throughout my forefathers' life.

Walls, glass, and marriages broken aplenty.

But why should I suffer my families' frenzy? 

Pen and Paper at my disposal.

Room a mess, completely totaled.

Papers strewn all on the floor.

Crossing from wall to door. 

Pain and Anger flew away.

All these emotions were never meant to stay.

The pencil soared across the page.

My parents swore I would wrinkle with age.

Yet the storms cleared.

The sunshine seared.

The emotions I once feared.

They we gone...

Every now and then

The storms would return to no end.

The weapon I use is not anger.

The weapon will put others in no danger.

Pen and Paper, my two new friends.

Will write and listen to no end.

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