Emotional Oblivion

Sun, 07/20/2014 - 19:58 -- AmandaV

Emotional Oblivion


Why do they walk away?

And leave the brokenhearted 


In the reckless remains of their careless wake?

Separating and straining

Only themselves

From the mere monstrosity of a mess 

They unknowingly chose to create

Obliviously sheltered by the denial to reconcile with what they have done

With what they have caused

And who they are through the eyes of the innocent

Who cripple and crumble beside them.


Yourself out on the line

Too many countless tries

All that remains is highlighted mistakes

Though sanity is left unscathed by the disposition to relate

The faultless fall

To feel the rhythm of reality's heartbeat

Break and question

There is no rest in

Searching for a  soul to abide in

Confide in

To tie the loose ends 

Of the trust in 

The loved ones that was torn


People will be people

That's all that some can say

No matter what you do or prove

Regardless either way

No one ever said that love has the ability to hurt

When all is through 

What's left to do?

But yearn for the things you think you deserve


Pain always has the potential to pause

To penetrate into purpose

The truth  of the matter is

Ignorance is bliss 

For those whose actions


And hearts

 Are all amiss

In the midst of vunerable 

Valuable souls 

At risk








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