Emotion on Trial

Rainbow lollipop means everything is sunshine, until the bow gets lost and lolli runs away with a child.

Then: rain, POP! of lightning;
Electricity crackling, feelings expanding
Broken glass of ice means everything is shattered.
As in, they broke in, reached in, and

You are under arrest for the crime of feeling erratically.
Two counts, speeding from elation to depression without indicating your turn.
Also, for unpaid parking tickets left on your bedpost."

How to respond?
"Christmas tree firewood."
"Everything was going well, properly decorated and made up, beautiful, I was! I promise!
Until they burst in with machine gun detriments aimed at my trunk, used me up and left ashes in my tree stand."

"Guilty, to be remanded to a psychiatric facility until the defendant learns to not challenge society with inconvenient outbursts of the human condition."

Life sentence means the existence of complete thought, until life ends and words stop coming.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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