The first three months,

sitting in your office

eating candy from a ridiculous orange couch

I didn't know your name. 


Then I couldn't imagine

how important to me you'd be. 


You helped a small, quiet, shy girl,

who couldn't speak up in a loud room,

who didn't believe she was strong

enough to face the world.

You helped her grow into a person 

you taught had a place in the world

that she was capable. 


That I was capable 

of having a life.


You helped me see

I can take on challenges,

I can pursue a career,

I'm worthy of appreciation and love

and I can find a place to belong. 


You helped me in ways

you'll never knew. 


And you weren't my teacher

or my mother 

or my relative, 

you were my mentor 

turned friend. 


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