Emile was a shepherdess,

Every morning she would go outside,

Skip merrily across the fields,

And into the pen

That held her beloved sheep.


Her father warned her to be cautious-

But what harm could come from a sheep?

A sheep that brought her so much joy,

She often lost track of time

As she talked and stroked its wool.


But one day when Emile returned,

The sheep was no longer inside the pen.

She was devastated for her poor sheep

And could not hold back the sobs

That shook her innocent body.


As she sat and cried out in tears,

A shadow moved in the old pen’s corner-

And out of the darkness emerged a wolf,

Terrifyingly great in size and stature

With sharpened stakes for teeth

And unseeing glass for eyes.


Emile cried out for a second time,

As she stared at the creature in despair.

For her loving sheep was no sheep at all,

But a beast who had only been waiting-

Waiting to feed on Emile’s heart with his stake teeth

And pierce through her soul with his glassy eyes.



This is such a cool take on a classic story!

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