The Emerald Letter

The weight of your judgements are heavy on my shoulders!
The burning of your eyes digs deeply through my skin
Every time I turn my back you twist the buried blade
How am I to make it through your firey wall of hate


What did I do
How have I sinned more greatly than your loved
My deeds are tried by praising hands
Who mock the Judge above


The look you give in passing by
I feel your stare, I want to die


Don't you think the shame's enough?
So what, I like to live it rough


Am I such a different girl? 
You loved me as a child
Now a monster in your eyes
You hate my life gone wild


So I broke the code
My deeds taboo
Am I so much worse than you?


Do you think through judgment
I'm learning lessons pure?
"Hide the children from her sin"
A living, modern, Hester Prynne


You have every right to shoot me down
Aim the first stone at my brow
Cuz you're a saint with sinless past
I'm feeling every rock you cast


Just because he murdered
Doesn't mean he rapes
Just because she stole that car
Doesn't mean she hates
Just because he cuts his wrists
Doesn't make him emo
Just because the music's loud 
Doesn't make it screamo
Just because she has a kid 
Doesn't equal whore
Just because his clothes are old
Doesn't make him poor
Just because she goes to church
Doesn't mean pure slate
Just because you don't agree
Doesn't mean to hate


But you hate me
Cuz I've done things, that you don't understand
Things happened that I hadn't planned
Its like my forehead wears a brand
"Hate this being, low as sand
Treat me like I'm dirt
Because I sin I can't feel pain
Your words won't make me hurt"


I want to scream
And scream 
Your hatred sears the pain in me


I'll give you a smile
Hold the door,
Carry your baggage
Sweep the floor
But I can never make you glad
You only judge me
For my "bad"



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