Embrace Your Beauty

Mon, 11/02/2015 - 19:32 -- yaunie

From the day you looked in the mirror you questioned your flaws

‘You’re a beautiful girl” replayed in your head but your eyes wouldn’t let you believe

No matter how many times you were complimented inside you couldn’t bring yourself to

see what they saw

What is it they see that I can’t see?

You ask yourself

Am i really beautiful or are they just being nice because they sense my


Or is it because you have instilled in yourself that you are not beautiful?

Maybe your eyes are deceiving you and you know truly you’re a beautiful girl.

Learn to accept that God created you that way and you can’t do anything

but accept it.

You may not be beautiful to some but you are beautiful to many

Especially me

Embrace what you were born with

and grew into

Because if you continue to think of what others are saying

You know what that will cause you?


For the sake of it all and to protect your happiness…

Embrace your beauty.



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