Embrace Oneself, Forget the Hatred


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Watching those around and I don’t care who sees
My pride and my effort to live being me
Why do they judge when they have no clue?
She is black, I am white, they are red…
You are you

The color outside shows no limit to pride
Anyone can reach the same star in the sky
Don’t question the color, don’t question the race
There’s never a time and never a place

Go on with dreaming
Say no to goodbye
We can all stand hand in hand
Let the earth be our guide

At the end of the day we are all just the same
With our own unique aspects that spark the same flame
Don’t look back on the past, we just move forwards
Embrace all who suffer and open new doors

Never show hatred, yet always show care
Overcome obstacles you don’t know are there
We are all equal, undoubtedly true
Keep on believing we all get along through

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