Tears fall from closed eyes, eyes so beautiful they should never be sad. There is a joy, a light of life within them.

The light has brightened many worlds but tonight the light is dim as if only faintly glowing embers still exist.

The fire is gone.

The passion is faint.

She wishes someone would wipe those tears away. She wishes for someone to hold her close and never let go, someone who understands her worth and will fight for her love.

Tonight is the night she wishes the pain to end. She wishes for this life to be no more and for a happiness forgotten in sorrow.

Soft kisses, whispered words, and the gentle touch, all of things belong to a past life, a life she wishes she could return to and relive once more. A life that might be lost if she isn’t found soon.

But it has to be the right man, she won’t settle. She wishes for more and is afraid her opportunity has walked out the door.

However no one notices the silent pain. Her hushed suffering.

As the days go on her faith dims and she wishes for the end.

There has been a light at the end of her tunnel. A light unlike any other before. Greater than the force of any star in the great beyond. Instead of racing toward the light she shies away.

Afraid of rejection.  The rejection of a broken heart.

Suddenly she is at war within herself. Her head says no and her heart says yes. She dares to revel in the warmth of this newfound light and oh how wonderful it feels.

There is comfort, laughter, and joy. Sparks ignite at the cautious beginning. In the blink of an eye a fire blazes.

A fire in their hearts and a fire in her eyes.

The embers are no more and the passion blazes like never before. And now she never wishes for the night to end.

Now the fire is gone.

He never cared.

The light blazed like a comet across the night sky.

But just as a comet is here and then it is gone so was he. He was her comet.

Her heart aches. For what was and what could have been, but now what will never be.


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