The first time we met I was high as a kite

It's funny, actually,

Looking back on that night

Hundreds of girls

And your name stood out

I'd make you my friend,

In this I had no doubt


I'd be the sister that you never had

Laugh along when you were happy

Let you vent when you were mad

When I pictured my wedding,

I never pictured the groom

Just you

Helping to fix my dress in a back room


You knew I was always a phone call away

I'd drop anything if you needed me that day

When it got to be too much, I'd cradle your head

And sleep the whole night in a bean bag under your bed


All summer, you were the person I missed most

I wished I could bring you back home to the coast


The first time we went out I was high as a kite

I never registered the tragedy of that night

Now you won't talk to me

You won't text

You won't call

I'm beginning to question if we were ever friends at all


Now pictures of us bring to mind what might be

I wonder if you talk to your therapist about me

They say love is futile, and everything ends...


It's crazy how quickly people stop being friends.


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