An elongated moment at the pond

Of ripples in time and thought, 

a solemn and faint melancholy emerged

Oh what beautiful simplicity 

Oh what beautiful possibility 

Lets wait and see 

Wait and experience the poison of electricity 

wait and feel the beauty and eccentricity 

Of a young mans sensible love


A burning flame grew then within me

Burning almost in the literal as your heat ignited mine

An arm millimeters away from me, from holding what could be rightfully yours

I felt it again, the opening of emotional doors

A shift in weight

And we were there. 

The longing wait

The casual stare


Funny the tricks a romantic mind can play on you

For the next shift in weight shattered the illusion

The movement was minimal but held and screamed rejection at its core

A move of the waist and tap of the shoe

A request to leave, all done by you


Of ripples in time and thought

A solemn and faint melancholy emerged

Not within the pond

But at the core of my soul, 

caused only by the sudden realization of this truth

To you, and your kind I am nothing more than a game

Oh the simplicity

Oh the possibility

We’ll leave the pond, youll go to sea

We’ll soon forget, you will be free


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