There she scrubs , left to offend

Those who had no problem to condemn

For disowned for love,

she is left crying

For he left, damning  

Her to provide

For a child

Her family will not recognize

At nineteen

She is seen

As a fiend

As tears surge

As she is left to be swallowed

By the demons that surround

She believes she will drown

Until she see him walk down

Holding on to the white trim

Of the stairwell

To free her from a life

That showed no time

For love

Holding her singular missing heel

A remnant of the night before

When kind woman transformed an Uber

To a magic pumpkin that would lift

Her and her son to another life

From the current that aimed to smother them

Releasing her

From a life of pain

With his eyes

Trained on hers,  blue as sky,

Her knight,

Her prince

Asks her to be his princess

And only then does she feel

To live to the Fairytale she was named afterward



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Our world
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