Elemental Death


An ash in the sky
                            there's one in your eye.
An ash on the ground,
                            it's grey all around.
  A fire in the air,
                   there's fire in your hair.
    A fire on the inside,
                                                                     - without oxygen -
It will die.
                     Crystals in the snow, sparkle and glow,
                                     I see in your eyes much more than you know.
                                                      Snowflakes kiss the ground,
    and you,

              you make not a sound.
An ash in the air
               reminds me of where
                                                                     - and what -
     you've become.
                      A fire in the sky is a start,
                                                       but it's no match for the
    in my heart.
                                       Crystals in the snow, sparkle and glow 
                                                                             like the ones in my eyes
          that appeared when I saw the ground
                                                               - where you now sleep sound -  
                     where snowflakes
                     kissed your lips
                                           like I always


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