The Elegy of Rain

Thu, 08/06/2015 - 23:47 -- chager1

Here in south Louisiana

It rains

A lot actually


But we natives know

That we’ll never waste our hours

In despair and agony


For we say the weather changes

Much like a mood

Or an outfit every day


The sky will soon open up

And it will free the sun

Stifling the gloomy grey


Sometimes, we’re choked by the grey in our own lives

We’re struggling to live, scrounging for money, fighting for rights, hurting for love

The thunder and rain move in the horizon from time to time


So there you stand, quivering in the bleak

It may fare a small drizzle, or a downpour, and if you’re so unlucky, a hurricane

Not sure how long it’ll last, perhaps a day, a month, or week


You realize that not everyone else is dampened by the precipitation

No, for the rain is coming from your heart, the droplets are your tears and they are you sorrows

It is your own soul in need of regeneration, purification


But you needn’t fret so much, my dear

Your family, friends, the loves of your life, all under the same sky and share in your trials

Laugh with you, cry with you, stick with you till the heavens are clear


Soon, the clouds will roll over, and we'll find ourselves standing in the ethereal sunlight

And all we thought was once destroyed, damaged, drowned in our woes

Has blossomed, and we realize that everything is alright


Here on Earth

It rains

A lot actually


But we people know

That we’ll never waste our hours

In despair and agony


For we say the weather brings life

Grows our crops

Washes away the strife


The rain only lasts so long

And once it is over

The flowers it fell upon become beautiful and strong













This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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