Elegy to the Person that Changed my Life

The first time I was

Vulnerable to you.

I said I love you. 

I fell blindly. Unaware

Of the consequences

I saw it coming, but didn’t want to accept it.


  I miss you

I miss your smile            I miss your scent

I miss your voice       I miss your hugs

I miss your laugh       I miss your touch

    I miss you


I don't allow myself to                 go through what I should

          I distract myself              the smallest details

                      You're not          mine anymore

                         I'm numb      to the thought

                                I still love you


I see you around sometimes. You look happy.

This sense of desperation

It does not leave me alone

I wish. I wish. I wish. I wish.

That you were still by my side

Why can I no longer attain happiness?

I think about you constantly

Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone.

We’re strangers. As if 

Nothing ever happened

You're gone and you took my happiness with you.


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