Election Year


How can we be at peace,

when tyranny has been unleashed?

In our homes, in our schools,

is there no end to their rule?


We must protect this house,

the church is the foundation,

keep them out, keep them out!


A modern day Pharoah,

this ain't Egypt you know?

Once again we hear the cries,

of let my people go.


The powers that be have lost their minds,

seeking belligerent control, and dollar signs.

A revolution is imminent better make it clear,

we the people are tired of this non sense, 

year after year. 


So don't forget to vote,

as I'll end on this note.

Consider yourself warned,

their coming for your throats.







This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world




Time to prepare for Martial Law 

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