Edwina Mordrake:The Parasite Within


I walk the halls with a mask on my face,

I adjust my smile, and alienate myself from their world,

Headphones in tow, I’m just another face you see in the halls,

No different from her,

Same problems, same insecurities,

And yet look at me and you,

One might think were two different people,

But au contraire, were one in the same,

Two souls stuck in one body,

In a parasitic relationship, with no end to this constant feud for control.


Her, the other face,

she's a parasite that feeds on others emotions,

Trying to give others the pain that was brought onto her,

She despises the word Love,

She thinks it nonexistent,

And she despises all who think themselves to be encumbered in its vines,

She’s the It Girl,

Every girl aspires to be her,

With her cunning manipulation tactics,

She's a force to be reckoned with.

She knows the world’s full of evil, and she accepts it,

In fact, she wishes to be of it,

And that’s what scares me the most.


And then there’s me,

Bookworm extraodinaire ,

Never at a loss for words,

A myriad of a mind,

Always the interloper, despite how much I try to be the opposite,

Afraid of what it means to “bring down my walls”,

Since I’d spent years to build them to their current likeness,

Always wondering what face I'll show today,

But I am me,

And yes I am in an ongoing struggle to find what me truly means,

But aren’t we all?

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