Fri, 11/27/2015 - 15:00 -- ahaze

This special day has swiftly greeted you once again
Another year rolling in like waves is about to begin
Yet, no matter the time that passes-from year to hour
I will always be in awe of your exceptional creative power
They say Albert Einstein labored in the lab to design one equation
While Sir Newton sat beneath a tree contemplating gravitation
Sigmund Freud theorized what our minds' ego truly relay
Shakespeare wrote, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"
You've labored, contemplated, theorized, and wrote-all in one
I've often wondered where it came from and how it begun
I would probably put you next to Thomas Edison, with light
How swift you come up with ideas that are incredibly bright
Like a flashbulb that sparks to life, your genius magically appears
I want to think it's more than the fact that you're my senior by 40 years
If so, experience is the golden rule to gain creativity and brains
I can only hope that your ingenuity my frontal lobes will gain
An idea hits and you're on a roll, unfolding energy that can't quit
You share with me your inventiveness and I typically say, "That's it!"
But what I like best is that with your creativeness there is much more
With an amygdala intact, your emotions and values are the core
Stand next to Einstein, Newton, Freud, or Shakespeare, it's no big deal
Their faces and names are adjectives for what they gave to their field
Ed, Edward, Edwardian sounds just right, like the great English king
At the Round Table your brilliance, wisdom, and intellect is what you bring
Your talent and character combined endures the age of time
No matter the age in years what is classic is your mastermind
“Serious” is your middle name, you know how to take care of business
And in the end, you will always be my number one in my Book of Guinness

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