Edward Steven Hernandez  3/22/14 &

Edward Steven Hernandez  






One job… May change my life



Technology is always evolving,

There are no limits to creating

No stops for imagining,

Nor a maximum leveling

or a place for balancing.


There is one thing,

An infinite universe for craftmanshipping

And inventorying,

Computer engineering`

is just that thing.


Now futurerazing,

Our movement in technology is nothing

Compared to where we are moving,

Our present is proceeding,

But our future will be flying


Clouding in the evening

After college studying,

I see myself filling

the crave for knowledge-ing.


But this is just forwarding,

To reach there I need helping,

Helping that comes from the novel-ling,

 And from the king


Above all assisting,

above all carrying,

there is one king

that by fulfilling

my willingly, desiring,

wishing blessing,

could end up fulfilling

my dreaming.



Jesus has place his nesting

love in your softening

heart, I trust my believing

and know that with full purposing

indeed he is choosing



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