Educational Equity


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Tupac, Lecrae, Kendrick Lamar

They all rap,

They spit about the truth

From their music I’ve learned to snap,

They’ve influenced my life

And changed the x on the map,

But now I mark the spot

And overcame my handicap,

It all started in middle school

Peer pressure became my dad,

He told me that since I was black

I’d grow up to be bad,

I was well into

The second semester of the fad,

But then a girl told me

What a true thug really had,

Tupac was his name

And making changes was his game,

He graduated from college

And no one thought he was lame,

From that day on

I transformed was never the same,

Took my eye up off the fame

Wiser I became,

They’ve kept us at the bottom

Because they know were competition,

My brothers still want revenge

But we need a new direction,

So I threw away the cool

And joined the Christ nation,

Now is the time to change


I represent the people

That will never be right,

The minority that are left

Not the majority that we fight,

Everyday I’m in the school

Bringing potential to the light,

I thought this would make me cool

But my money was out of sight,

I want a plan not words

Something tangible to my goal,

Then I found out in high school

That knowledge took that role,

So I study and earn A’s

While Santa still gives me coal,

Money doesn’t grow on trees

The man ridicules my soul,

But I know my future stays bright

It’ll be easy to open the door,

If I get a degree from college

Go to grad school for one more,

I’ll be the C.F.O. of Apple

Not a janitor in a store,

The police want me to stay poor

That I know for sure,

They got my brothers and sisters in jail

Going to court,

Even though they’re innocent

Their childhoods cut short,

All I can do is hope

That I don’t slip and fall below,

They try to hinder my life

I still continue to grow,

Every child deserves

The opportunity to attain,

An excellent education

Let me further explain,

Black people are known

For doing crime and smoking weed,

You think we chose this life

We got our families to feed,

In every man’s dream

Is the will to succeed,

But it’s hard for blacks

If you truly care here’s what we need,

Educational equity

Obama God Speed,

I know I’ll exceed my own limitations

I’m guaranteed,


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