The Education System

I am four walls
I am brick
I am stone
I am broke
I make broken
I am the "un fun" in unfunded

I'm not prison
but yet I am
I sentence 12 year death sentences
and have the nerve to let them live after
give them a comma to cliff hanger themselves over for college

I am zombie apocalypse
i am full of undead
full of the hungry
I am full off the hungry
their stomach echo through my halls
for more than a freebie
I am the starve in their creativity
I am less Mozart and DaVinci
more lets study for the SAT
I am not enough welcoming
and too much he just needs some Ritalin

i am circus
i make them juggle 3 essays a week
and balance textbooks on the backs
I put the trap in trapeze
I even hire lion tamers
to teach these kittens
a trick or two
I find them so silly for their sacrifice
when they get paid less and less
for their educated advice

I am ocean
but we can't afford arks here
can't talk about arks here
separation between church and estate
we take God out of homes here
put faith into tombs here
I make drowning happen
I make a baptism out of the bastards
I make swimming in assignments mandatory
I am drop-out or dive in
the only way to not swim with the fishes
is to go down a pipeline here

I am drain
I do drain
I dry
I separate

can't teach
I mean
wash the whites
with the coloreds right?

I am the asterisk next to brown vs. board of education
I am how the browns get bored of education
you know
that why ya daddy didn't graduate
he thought he'd be first generation too
I am neighborhood school eviction notices
but good luck trying to afford
charter school uniform
or a catholic school prayer
I am locs are for your mouth
not for you hair
I am 30 year old whitewashed black history books
I am your mother's only hope for your chance out of the hood
I am gentrification and separation in your education

but sometimes
I am scared
the children
learn the system

and little by little they realize
I am really only what they are

I am back of the class daydreams
I am doodles on desks
I am apprehensive raised hands
and fuck this test
I am right handed left brains
and that not how the hell you say my name
I am movers and shakers
and rule breakers
I am sleepy heads down
but woke fists up
i am "my mama told me to tell you!"
I am thinkers
and tinkers
and speakers
and dreamers
I am not just the education system
I am just the tool of student
used at whim of their own wisdom
I am a measly gust of wind
to their forest fire spirits
I am the one that gets schooled.
please don't tell them
i am nothing without them.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


Eggplant pasta

Wow... wow, wow, wow!! This poem had me on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next slam moment. Your way with words are amazing and the end of this poem is entirely inspiring. Im in my last semester of college and I feel a lot of the same angers this poem has towards our education system. Thank you for sharing!

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