The Education of Pain


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It always hurts me.

caring about others is considered kind.

But pursuing love is like trudging my heart through a lee.

I am, and always have been, scared to bind my heart.

Others may love me, but loving them back always promises me eventual pain.

But over time, I have given my heart to others.

Too much agony in loneliness; essentially nothing to gain.

Treated my friends as brothers,

my love begins to flutter.

Sent my soul to the most peaceful of locations.

By facing my fears, I took my heart out of the gutter.

But over time I saw their fixations,

Their fear to commit led to my suffering.

Again and again, my heart has died.

There is something I learned from confronting their puncturing,

Yes, I understand why they lied.

The lesson to be learned is to only give part of your heart

Too much and they will refuse to abide.

Too little and they will surely depart.

Facing your fears won't always be pretty,

But if you don’t face them, your education would be something to pity.


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My community
Our world


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