Education: not Educating.

I love learning, but I'm tired of school.

Tired of teachers who just don't get you & make you drool.

I'm sick of them thinking they own my life..

They don't realize that once I walk out that classroom, each day, ..

I'm faced with so much financial strife.


They assign: assignment, after assignment, after assignment, after assignment..

It really makes a person feel trapped in mental confinement.

What infuriates me is when teachers assign work due on dates

that only meet their schedule..

They don't consider that maybe the student is working a full-time job..

Or trying to help raise children in their family become more involved

in family activities, or community service organizations, 

ya know, things to help them actually evolve.


Papers, forum posts, & etc are acceptable for a means of learning..

But I'm a community college student whose life is turning.

I'm 20. Already in debt. Working as a waitress.

Helping to raise young family members.

All the while trying to find my own purpose and satisfaction in life,

between the countless papers, forum posts, presentations, quizzes, tests, you name it..

I believe my passion lies outside of a classroom, w/possibilities like Joe Willy Namath.


Maybe 10 years from now my nephews & nieces will understand

why I couldn't go out & play ball with them because my teacher had a plan.

To teach, yet she never taught, from the textbook I bought; 

That all those papers and assignments I fought and wrote..

Will eventually end up trashed, like paper found in an old coat.


It's crazy how in the process of trying to make us learn,

Many go another direction, a more passionate, less academic turn.


What has happened to education that has caused students to want to turn away?



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