Education Comes Our Way

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 11:41 -- DarinCW


Education comes our way,

But we’re so quick to through it away.


 When we get carried away, learning is the last thing on our mind.

We might as well be blind.


To the Girl that sits, eating alone,

To the boy who we’ve hurt and gives a small moan.


We’re quick with a snicker and a glace,

We don’t give those people a chance.


We push, we shove, we threaten.

We frighten these kids with a weapon


Every person in the world needs a friend.

If not, they figure their life should end. 


That girl loves to sing, the boy likes to dance.

How would we know? We don’t give them a chance!


Learning’s impossible for those who worry, does my face look ok and

Will I get picked on today? 


You see Education comes our way,

But we shouldn't just throw it away.


To those people who have never been in the groove.

People my young people we are ready to move! 

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