Education ≠ Life


The desk is too small. The chair is too hard. The light is too bright.

The walls are closing in, making me claustrophobic. 

Your voice is too loud, deprived of emotion, and neverending. 

Life is passing by as I sit in my chair. 

Blowing through the tress, riding on the wind. 

And the birds call out, wishing it a safe journey.

But I can't see it, in this window deprived cell. 

What about the world? Where will it be, when they finally release me?

Will everyone be in space by then? Or forced to retreat underground, perhaps?

What is the use, of this lecture, writing, copying...

Whatever happened to action? To initiatiave? To creativity?

Lets go outside today! And learn from our mother. 

Lets hold hands today! And learn from each other.

Lets read what we want today! And use our imagination.

Lets speak our minds today! And reform our generation. 






It was on a whim, so I hope you like it!

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