Educate Me


I sit here and stare as the clock strikes ten after,

Head banging from all the laughter,

Whack! A pencil hits me on the arm,

“Oh, I’m sorry”, you don’t react to my alarm,

You sit there at your desk,

Neutral, your face is a mask,

As I sit here and try to take this test,

With the littlest of rest,

Equations, life is an equation,

But with a question about the nation,

The nation? I thought this was math,

Not some history class to show me a path,

A path from the past,

This is not the past,

Yeah I know I repeated,

At least you know I can read it,

Why don’t you teach me some more?

Teach me not of a war,

But teach me for the future,

The future, not this torture,

You’re acting like a butcher,

Letting me take this test,

Knowing my lack to pass,

I’m going to fail and you don’t care,

Because you’re teaching seems to be so rare,

As you sit there at your desk,

Letting my education go as if it were a risk.



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