An EDS Body

I fear the day I relent to the pain 

the day I give in and let it take over my brain 

controlling every bit of my life like an aimless marionette 

dancing along to a violin cortet  

the doctors are optimistic and I would be too 

if it weren't so incredibly hard to tie my own shoes 


I fear the day when I can no longer walk

when my knees buckle and lock 

the wheelchair will become permanent 

as my legs grow heavy like cement

when I become completely sedintary 

and mothers in stores tell their children to be polite and wary  


But the thing I fear most of all? 

when I become fully dependant on others as I hit the ultimate downfall 

as time passes and gradually become a shell of my former self 

rusty, dented, and broken like an old can on a shelf 

when I can't even shower on my own  

and loose all rights to even a moment alone 


Most will read this and think my fears are far in the future 

but with EDS these fears are much sooner 

I could go through all of this in twenty years or less 

so I fear my EDS body 

nothing more 

nothing less.


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