from the edge of my faith

Wed, 03/23/2022 - 13:23 -- layla_

I'm lingering at the edge

The flowers are growing tall and wild, every color that God ever invented

Tell me, God, do you hear me now?

When I'm way up in the clouds, so close to Heaven, so close to the end

Touching the blue of the sky, letting the sunlight slip through my fragile fingertips

Do you finally hear me?

The pretty light blue has faded into a dark navy, nearly onyx 

I reach out, grab a single, burning star

Let it rip the flesh from my palm, slowly turning to orange, to red, to ash

Hey, God

The cliff is still standing strong, even under my weight

Is this cause for thanks?

Pink and purple paints the sky, my sky

It's not yours anymore, God, this sky is mine now

When I die under it, I wonder who will stroke the clouds ever so softly

Who will hold the sunlight like a child

Who will cradle the stars

My skeleton fingers are weak, grasping further, further, further off the ledge

Just one step

Forwards, backwards, let's play jeopardy

What will it be

Which way will I fall when no one is watching from the woods

Which way will I fall when God is my only witness?


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