The Economy Drives Our Lives

Amidst the ebbs and flows of life,

The economy stands tall and rife,

A system of trade, a force of change,

A web of transactions, an endless exchange.


It ebbs and flows like a tide,

And often, it's hard to decide,

Whether it's on the rise or the fall,

Or if it's stable or not at all.


Inflation, deflation, recession, and boom,

Are cycles that the economy assumes,

Unemployment, interest rates, and GDP,

Are indicators of its vitality.


The economy drives our lives,

As it grows, so do our strives,

We work and trade to make a living,

And hope for a better future, never giving.


It's not just about money and wealth,

But also about opportunities and health,

The economy can uplift or oppress,

And often, it's up to us to progress.


Let's strive for a thriving economy,

One that's fair and equitable for you and me,

Where everyone can prosper and grow,

And we can enjoy the fruits of our toil and sow.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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