Echoes of Sandy Hook


United States
41° 52' 0.5808" N, 71° 26' 9.1428" W

Ding! The bells go off one by one. Each ring's volume as unique as who they represent Unknown futures - What could have been I close my eyes to avoid the gray sky As if that would stop me from imagining.... Dong! I picture cartoon circles radiating from the speaker Spreading for all to hear.... Ding! What can we say when the 26th ring fades? How can we ever forget? I breathe deeply, now slightly panicked Because of the solemn truth; people will move on But not yet - Just too sad..... Dong! Helplessness - There needs to be some words of value!!! A shiver rolls down my spine…. Ring! When will it end? So insistent So incessant Not only the sound but the horror Why do children have to die for people to appreciate life???? Bong!!!!!!!!! The sound waves of life number 26 dissipate into the atmosphere....


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